Top 25+ Amazing Things For Families To Do In Niagara Falls

Every week for the next 20 weeks I am featuring a new family-friendly summer vacation destination. Some are places we have visited as a family, and others are places that are on our summer vacation “bucket list.” All of them are perfect places to spend with your family this summer. This weeks destination is Niagara Falls.

I won’t just be featuring each of the places. Instead, I will be sharing a great list of fun activities that are sure to make for some amazing memories. Hopefully, this will help you to plan your family vacation and save money while doing so. Each of the lists will include both FREE activities as well as paid activities, since not all of us have an endless amount of money to spend while on vacation. For us, a family of 8 who usually travels with extra kiddos. I pick a couple of paid activities to do and then find other free activities to spend the rest of our trip doing.

Niagara Falls is such an iconic place. It is sure to leave a lasting impression on your kiddos. You can visit both the American as well as the Canadian side of the falls. You can even eat dinner way up above the falls and get this spectacular view from above and beat all of the crowds. Zipline across the falls or ride on a ferris wheel to view this spectacular sight. Either way, you view the falls you are not sure to forget this site anytime soon.

The falls attract 30 million visitors every year, and that number only increases every year. To put that number into perspective, that is more than the entire population of Canada. They are split up into 3 different falls. There is the Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and the American Falls. All of them pour into the Niagara River which splits Ontario Canada and New York, USA.

There are many different ways to view the falls, many of which cost money. However, there are ways to view the falls without spending more than parking. Either way, your children are sure to remember this trip for many years to come.

25+ Family Friendly Things To Do In Niagara Falls

Watch Fireworks Above The Falls

Did you know that every weeknight at 10 pm during the summer they have fireworks on display over the falls? This is quite the show, even better if you have a falls view from your own hotel room at the Sheraton On The Falls. Head over to find out the next day and time you can view the fireworks. Although, this may be the best firework show you have ever seen.

Visit The Arcade

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The Great Canadian Midway is a perfect place for all the arcade lovers. Alright, let me say that this has got to be one of the biggest arcades around. It is 70,000 square feet and probably has just about every original and current arcade you can imagine. There are 300 arcade games to be specific.

Go Behind The Falls

To make the falls even more memorable take a trip behind the falls with Journey Behind The Falls. Head down 125 feet through tunnels that are 130 years old. While you will not be able to see very much other than rushing water when you are behind the falls after you are finished viewing the falls from behind you go to a lower observation deck. This is just about the closest view of the falls you can get.

See The Butterflies

There is a butterfly conservatory in Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens, near Niagara Falls. Stop over and get a chance to see the beautiful butterflies, waterfalls and tropical plants. They have over 45 different species of butterflies from around the world, with over 2000 butterflies surrounding you when you walk into the room. You can even witness each of the stages of butterflies in this beautiful wonderland.

Marine Land

Stop into this aquarium, Marineland for a chance to see beluga and killer whales as well as dolphins. They even have a fun roller coaster in the park as well as offering the opportunity to feed Beluga Whales. There are other fun attractions as well as a picnic area.

Ride The Sky Wheel

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The Clifton Hill Sky Wheel will bring you 195 feet up in the air for an amazing view of the falls. To make the adventure even better each of the gondolas are climate controlled, so you will be extra comfortable during your ride.

Hotel with A View

I highly suggest that you choose to stay in one of the hotels with a view of the falls. It is a perfect way to see the falls during the day, at night when it is lit up, and when there are fireworks going on over the falls. It may be a little more pricey than other hotels, but I have a feeling you will be thankful you choose to do it anyway.

Go Mini Golfing

Does your family enjoy mini golf? Then make sure you get a chance to play a round of mini-golf at either Dinosaur Adventure Golf or Glow In The Dark Wizard’s Golf. Dinosaur Adventure Golf is one of the largest mini golf courses in the nation with 50 giant dinosaurs and even a 50-foot volcano that players can walk through. If dinosaur golf isn’t for you, they have a Glow in the Dark Wizards Golf Course. Wizards, trolls, fairies, castles, and dragons are all things you will find in the

Hike Niagara’s Glen

Get a look into the local area and get a great hike in at Niagara Glen. It’s a great place to take a walk and explore. As long as you’re geared up and ready for a good hike through steep inclines and declines, this is the place to visit. The paths will take you through canyons and along whirlpools that are in the Niagara River. There are a few different paths you can take and enjoy the different scenery. They also offer guided tours if you would like a guide to direct and explain the natural flora and fauna of the area.

Ride The Aero Car

Are you not afraid of heights? Then this is the perfect ride for you. Jump on board the Aero Car for a trip above the Niagara River. Below you will see a whirlpool. Even better is the fact that you will pass back and forth of the international border of Canada and the United States four times each trip due to the landscape of the river.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Ripley’s is always such a fun museum to explore. I remember visiting it as a child and the things that were seen inside were absolutely mind-blowing and will make for a memorable and super fun visit to the area. With over 10,000 ft of exhibits, there is surely something to please every member of the family.

Take A Bike Ride

Take a nice bike ride down Niagara River Recreation Trail for a great refreshing way to spend your afternoon. Not only is it a great way for kids to get their energy out, but it’s also great for getting a unique and absolutely breath taking view of the area. There are 4 different sections on this 35 mile stretch of trail that meanders along the Niagara River. Each of the different sections will take about 1-2 hours to walk. So there are plenty of new trails to keep you busy for days.

Worlds Largest Horticultural Clock

At the north end of the botanical gardens, you will find this beautiful and unique horticultural clock. This clock is faced with 15,000 plants and is changed out twice a year, making for a unique experience when you visit. While there make sure to tour the botanical gardens for a leisurely way to spend the day in Niagara Falls.

Helicopter Ride

So let me say that I am terrified of heights, but when my daughter and I visited Australia we decided to take a small airplane ride above the Great Barrier Reef. I was rather skeptical thinking I might not do well with being that high up in a smaller aircraft. Let me tell you it was one of the most amazing experiences ever. The views were just stunning and so unique. So I highly recommend taking a ride above the falls. The views from above will be absolutely amazing, this is one tour you will not regret taking. Even better is that THIS tour offers the lowest altitude flying possible so you will be able to get a one of a kind view of the falls.

4D Theater

Ever wondered what it would feel like to go over Niagara Falls? Well, then you really need to visit Niagara’s Fury. It’s a multi-sensory theater where you will experience the feeling of going over the falls. The ground moves, water sprays, it is as real life as you will ever get. I doubted that this was worth the money, but it was a really fun place to visit. Make sure to put that poncho they gave you on, even though you are indoors.

See The Falls Up Close

Make sure you take the Hornblower cruise to see the falls up close. This is an absolute must do while visiting the falls. If you visiting during the summer months make sure to take a tour as early as possible since the boats fill up. You can also take a trip at night to see the falls illuminated as well as the fireworks. I would say opt for the night time ride if possible but either of the trips is amazing!

Stroll Through Beautiful Gardens

Make sure to take a walk through Queen Victoria’s beautiful gardens, where you will get to see some beautiful roses (2,400 to be exact) and an unbelievable amount of other beautiful plants and flowers. With 99 acres it is sure to take you quite some time to get through this beautiful place. You will even have a great view of the falls, so make sure to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy this beautiful place.

Sunset Cruise

The perfect way to end the day is to hop on the Niagara Sunset cruise on this New Orleans style paddle wheel boat Niagara Belle. While on board you will get a few of many of the different places and bridges along the Lower Niagara River. It is a peaceful and perfect way to end a day exploring the area.

Go Carts

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Make sure to stop at Niagara Speedway. It is created much like a course in Mario Cart if you ask my opinion and if you drive past it you will see exactly what I mean. This is the largest elevated go-cart course in North America it is gigantic. With four-stories of track spanning over 4 hectares, this is sure to feel more like a rollercoaster than a go-cart track. This is a big enough course that kids and adults alike will love going on.

Magic Show

Ever taken your kiddo to a magic show? Well, let me tell you it is such a memorable experience for children. To watch a magician perform their magic tricks will leave them guessing for days. Make sure to see the magic show they have at Wild Magic. They even feature animals in their tricks. Bring some extra spending cash with you to the show, because your kiddo is bound to ask to purchase some of the magic props they sell at intermission.

Table Rock Visitors Center

Make sure to stop at the Table Rock visitors center for a chance to witness the rushing of water about to go over the falls. While here you will learn about the history of the falls and can then take the Journey Behind the falls if you choose to do so as well as many other great attractions. This is the main visitors center and gives you quite a perfect view of the falls.

Zip Line Over the Falls

If you’re not afraid of heights then taking this zip line over Niagara Falls is definitely the activity for you. You get a chance to see this natural beauty from a view that only a few get to see it from. There is often quite a wait to ride the zip line especially during the summer season, but it is worth the wait.

Stop At A Candy Shop

So usually I’m the parent that is rather strict on how much sugar is consumed in our house. While we are on vacation I am a bit more lenient. Stopping at the candy shop and picking out some treats and maybe even a lollipop is a fun thing to do. Pop and Lolly’s Candy Shop is just the place to do it in Niagara Falls.

History Museum

What better way than going through the museum to learn all about the history of the area at Niagara Falls History Museum. There are quite a few hands-on learning experiences for kids at this museum and a few different exhibits for families to enjoy. We always love learning all about the history of different places we visit. I think it gives my kids an eye opener that things have not always been how they are now.

White Water Walk

There are many different places to hike near Niagara Falls. Each of them will give you beautiful views and a unique view of a beautiful area. This particular hike, along the White Water Walk will take you along a gorge. To access it, you will need to take an elevator down 70 meters and then walk through a 73-meter tunnel. It is well worth a visit, you will walk along a boardwalk to see the worlds most powerful stretch of whitewater. Make sure to bring your camera with you to this beautiful place!

Dinner With A View

Eat dinner way up above Niagara Falls at the Skylon Tower. They have a couple of different restaurants you can choose from to eat at the tower and the one we ate at did take advance reservations. They also have an observation deck on the top level that you can access for free if you eat dinner at the restaurants. You could also pay a small fee to ride to the top just to get a look at the beautiful view of the falls from this unique perspective.

Bird Kingdom

Head over to the bird museum for a trip into a tropical wonderland full of many different beautiful birds, reptiles, and animals. Bird Kingdom is the World’s Largest Free-Flying Indoor Aviary. This is a medium size attraction and it will not keep you busy for a long time but is a great place to visit. It would be a perfect thing to pair with a trip to the butterfly observatory on the same day.

Dinner Theater

Ever been to a dinner theater? Well, they are an experience to remember! This one is no exception, it’s called Oh Canada Eh. You will be served delicious and famous Canadian dishes while watching performers dance and sing. Of course, the performers are all famous Canadian people singing well known Canadian songs.


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